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I Love Teddy Bears.

May 3, 2012

I Love Teddy Bears.

This morning I received a couch surfing message from Zoe from Taiwan, a recent CS visitor to our home, reminding me to be sure to visit the Teddy Bear Museum in South Korea. I love Teddy bears and have many in my home. I immediately went to the Teddy Bear Museum website and learned some interesting facts. Teddy bears have been loved and cherished by many people since they were first introduced over 100 years ago. The Teddy bear apparently was named for the United States 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt, whose nick name was Teddy. It has to do with an unsuccessful bear hunting trip the president was on. My Teddy bear Woods is all set to go sitting in my backpack. Woods was a Mother’s Day gift from Trevor last year and came with us to Nicaragua and is joining us on our Asian adventure starting tomorrow!


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  1. colleenskj permalink

    Have a wonderful trip. I look forward to reading about your adventures!

  2. gary sadler permalink

    have a safe trip! i love you! bring back lots of gifts…..kidding!!!!

  3. Bryan permalink

    i love turtles

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